7 Key Numbers To Drive Your Business Success

This workshop is for established business owners who want to take their knowledge of business, profits and themselves to the next level


There are two types of people in the world: those who understand numbers and those who don't. All joking aside, ask yourself –

Can YOU win if you don't even know the score in your business?

Making emotional business decisions takes no training - in fact, it's as easy as falling off a bike. Thing is, most business decisions are best made from the true story which can only be told by, yep, the numbers. What would happen if you started to watch your financials and understood a few simple ratios that could immediately offer you an overall health assessment of your business?

We'll show you how this works and more at this popular 90 minute workshop. Join us Wednesday June 27th at 5.30pm

This interactive workshop will give you:

• An overview of the key financial ratios that will change the way you view your business
• The knowledge to work out, and update, your company's break-even point immediately as cash flows change
• An appreciation of how to view financial statements including which elements are theory, and which are fact
• How to work out what levers to pull to increase profit
• Opportunity to brainstorm with other business owners
• Learn how a business coach CAN help you to the next level of success


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