7th Annual Off-Grid & Stand Alone Power Conference

Co-located with the Large Scale Solar Conference and the 3rd annual Pumped Hydro & Battery Storage Conference. One registration for all events.


The Off Grid and Stand Alone Power Conference, previously the “Remote Area Power Supply Conference” is now in its 7th year. The forum was launched to create a platform for off-grid industry players to meet and share information on projects and technologies.

The off-grid sector has been evolving at a fast pace over the past several years sustained by the transformation of the global energy industry with the introduction of new technologies, the increasing use of renewable energy and the rising prices of traditional energy supplies.
More projects are being launched to test small grids projects and even tests to remove fringe of the grids areas from the grid to increase power quality and reduce costs.

The conference is an industry focussed event for delegates to hear about current and new projects, share practical issues and understand the range of challenges such projects face.

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