11th Women in Energy & Resources Leadership Summit

Implement Strategies to Establish Your Leadership Presence & Emerge as a Strong Leader

While many organisations are recognising the value of career progression for women in the energy industry, they only hold 20 percent of executive leadership positions. Statistics reveal mining and resources as being the most male-dominated industries in Australia, with women making up just 16.1 percent of all employees. This summit will help women change the narrative, take control, and lead in an ever-changing environment.

Inspirational and empowering presentations from Australia’s foremost senior leaders in the energy and resources industry will talk about their leadership journey. They will share strategies to help you increase self-confidence and establish a leadership presence. Explore ways to navigate complexities, adapt and thrive in a dynamic environment, emerging as a competent and courageous leader.

▶ Develop strategies to increase self-confidence & establish leadership presence

▶ Embrace the power of networking & volunteering to progress

▶ Sustain a career through complexities & thrive in an ever-changing environment

▶ Champion change in your industry & create a positive corporate culture to attract & retain top talent

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