ABLA IR Laws | Business Development Forum June 2024

Attend this event to hear key insights into the major elements of the “Closing Loopholes” changes which are likely to have far reaching consequences for employers, employees, independent contractors, principals and gig workers across both NSW and Australia.

June bizhunt loopholes

The start of 2024 has seen sweeping changes to our workplace and industrial relations laws with the passing of the Closing the Loopholes Bills.

Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors (ABLA), award-winning workplace relations specialists, will dissect what these changes actually mean for business and employers, including:- the introduction of the new right to disconnect- engaging casual workers and the new rules about who can be a casual and new obligations to covert casual employees to permanent employment the new definition of who is an ‘employee’ (as opposed to a contractor) and the new ability for independent contractors to dispute unfair contract terms in the Fair Work Commission- changes to union right of entry rules and the granting of new right to workplace delegates- the new ‘same job same pay’ labour hire regulation- small business redundancy exemption changes- significant changes to the Fair Work Act's compliance and enforcement framework, including the introduction of a new criminal offence for 'wage and superannuation theft'- new standards for road transport and gig workers- enterprise bargaining changes and more.

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