Achieving Due Diligence Under Safety Laws

Safety management in a business is only effective if senior management do their part by supporting and promoting safety initiatives.

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The Work Health and Safety (WHS) Act is quite explicit in making those who control a corporation’s management personally liable. Recent prosecutions have highlighted the importance of due diligence with individual managers being issued penalties on top of the corporate penalties. Directors, CEOs and relevant managers must demonstrate due diligence in the management of health and safety. The safety management system must be implemented and maintained to a standard that ensures its effectiveness.

  • Have an overview of the relevant current OHS/WHS legislation;
  • What is Due Diligence
  • Understand the meaning of due diligence and duty of care
  • How Officers need to discharge these Due Diligence obligations in practice
  • Understanding the result of failure to comply with obligations
  • Have an understanding of the influence they have in regards to safety leadership and culture
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