AI: Innovation in Action

Turning innovation into measurable gains and understanding the implications that follow must now be a focus for Australia’s deployment of AI

AI has informed and assisted responses to COVID-19, bushfires, and health care services - it has the potential to increase productivity by 30% by 2035.

To successfully develop and employ AI further and more broadly we must understand if we have an AI ready culture in Australia, how well we are building domestic AI capability, address security concerns and build public trust.

Governments and the private sector have made substantial investments to drive the digital economy. The Commonwealth’s An AI Action Plan for all Australians provides a framework to maximise the advantages AI will provide while organisations across sectors seek to implement new technologies and ways of working.

Join CEDA to hear expert analysis, discuss our current and future capability and hear stories from those leading the charge toward Australia’s AI future.

The Hon. Karen Andrews MP, Federal Minister for Industry, Science and Technology
Belinda Dennett, Corporate Affairs Director, Microsoft Australia
James Mabbott, National Leader, KPMG Futures

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