ASCI 2021 - Supply chain vision in the decade of action

In its third year as the largest gathering of supply chain managers in Australia, ASCI2021 will provide clarity around what is expected of supply chain managers and what the priorities are to act and lead a future-proof global supply chain into the new decade.


The United Nations’ “Decade for Action” calls for accelerating sustainable solutions to all the world’s biggest challenges ranging from poverty and gender to climate change, inequality and closing the finance gap. Our global supply chains are not immune to these challenges and have their own set of sensitivities to global political, economic, geographic and social climates.

Five themes will run throughout the conference program across six streams over three days:

1. People, culture and skills
2. Sustainability, ethics and social outcomes
3. Governance, compliance and regulation
4. Agility, operations and risk management
5. Trending technology and new supply chain ecosystems

At ASCI2021 Supply chain vision in the decade for action, you will hear from:

1. International and local inspirational keynotes from progressive organisations
2. Award winning case studies from peers across logistics; operations; procurement
3. State and local Government on employment, economic growth and development
4. Experts on infrastructure growth in Western Sydney
5. Western Sydney Airport Briefing

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