AUKUS Critical Minerals Summit in Broken Hill

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April aukus broken hill

The AUKUS Forum, in collaboration with Broken Hill City Council, RDA Far West, Foundation Broken Hill, Department of Regional NSW and the Industry Capability Network - ICN, invites businesses - across all industries - to learn about new opportunities from AUKUS.

(Guests will arrive in Broken Hill over the weekend and on Sunday afternoon can gather at the historic town of Silverton. Monday is the workshop and Tuesday will be various industry site visits being arranged.)

The nuclear powered submarine project with AUKUS thrusts Australia into a whole new world where innovation and technology rule.

AUKUS will be much more than nuclear submarines and the opportunities will expand into all industries - The Prime Minister has said that AUKUS will be the largest industrial endeavour in Australia's history and will require a whole of nation effort. "This whole of nation effort also presents a whole of nation opportunity; for new jobs, new industries, and new expertise in science, technology and cyber."

AUKUS is already expanding from nuclear with particular emphasis on cyber capabilities, artificial intelligence, quantum technologies and more.

Join us to hear from defence industry leaders, world leading researchers and industry experts as we build a whole new ecosystem to build the AUKUS Partnership.

Collaboration will help unleash the power of AUKUS

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