Austmine Webinar: Healing the Earth

Join Austmine for the second webinar of their new Innovation Spotlight Webinar Series as Austmine Members showcase their expertise in ‘Healing the Earth: Cutting Edge Techniques in Mine Rehabilitation & Restoration’

March Austmine Innovation healing

Austmine proudly presents the Innovation Spotlight Webinar Series, providing a platform for Austmine Members to showcase their groundbreaking solutions, techniques, and technologies to a targeted audience of industry professionals, eager to see what the next phase of mining holds.

Join Austmine on Monday 8 April as they continue the series with ‘Healing the Earth'. This webinar will feature Austmine Members who will showcase their latest technology and innovative solutions dedicated to post-mining restoration. This could include innovative land reclamation techniques, using AI to guide restoration projects, or new methods to ensure safe and sustainable post-mining ecosystems.

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