Austmine Webinar: Safekeeping Our Dams

Austmine proudly presents the Innovation Spotlight Webinar Series, providing a platform for Austmine Members to showcase their groundbreaking solutions, techniques, and technologies to a targeted audience of industry professionals, eager to see what the next phase of mining holds.

Sept austmine dams

Join Austmine on Monday 9 September as they continue the series with ‘Safekeeping Our Dams: Best Practices and Innovations in Tailings Dam Monitoring’.

This webinar will feature Austmine Members who will share their latest advancements and expertise in technologies, methodologies, and best practices. These are focused on ensuring the stability of tailings dams, mitigating risks, and prioritising environmental sustainability.

The webinar will feature four informative presentations from Austmine Members, each focusing on their latest advancements, followed by a live Q&A session, allowing participants to interact directly with the presenters and explore these topics in greater detail.

Details: Monday 9 September, 2:00pm AEST

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