Austmine Webinar: The Small Footprint Mine

Austmine proudly presents the ESG Showcase Webinar Series, providing a platform for Austmine Members to showcase their cutting-edge solutions to a targeted audience of industry professionals.

Nov small mine

Throughout the webinar series, Austmine will delve into invaluable insights that address crucial ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) challenges faced by the mining industry and uncover opportunities for sustainable growth.

Join Austmine on Thursday 9 November, 12:00pm AEDT as we delve into ‘The Small Footprint Mine’. This webinar will feature Austmine Members who will showcase their latest technology and innovative solutions around agile and modular mine design, precision mining technologies, in-situ recovery techniques, low-impact processing methods, green mining practices, sustainable mining equipment and systems, ecosystem restoration, biodiversity conservation, land reclamation.

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