Australia's Clean Technology Future - Q&A Forum

Six experts, six perspectives. A round table discussion on clean technology action and opportunities.

Those resisting climate change action focus on economic loss, but fail to quantify the cost of inaction and the opportunity action presents. Australians and the people of Warringah are overwhelmingly in favour of climate action. The opportunities for our economy are enormous.

From the tech enthusiast millennial to the solar engineering professional, the speakers will dive deep into Australia’s future as a world leading clean technology powerhouse and climate action leader.

  • Professor Tim Flannery | Leading Australian climate change author
  • Ass. Professor Renate Egan | UNSW Australian Centre for Advanced Photovoltaics
  • Tim Buckley | Director of Energy Finance Studies, Australasia
  • Dr Sophie Lewis | School of Physical, Environmental & Maths Sciences, UNSW
  • Anna Freeman | Director Energy Generation at the Clean Energy Council
  • Harry Martin | Clean technology specialist


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