Avoiding an energy blunder downunder

This event explores the cost and environmental benefits of integrating nuclear energy with variable renewables in the National Electricity Market (NEM)

June EA energy blunder


An optimum mix of nuclear energy plus variable renewables delivers the least system cost electricity generation. This benefit increases significantly when operating on our existing compact grid. This maximises the use of our existing assets while also eliminating excessive reliance on storage, system services, redundancy and backup. Suitable nuclear power plants for operation on the NEM are available right now and would provide us with the lowest environmental footprint of any energy solution.

Learning outcomes

The following topics will be explored:

  • As reported by the United Nations Economic Commissions for Europe, nuclear energy has the lowest carbon emissions of any generating source and behind small hydro has the second lowest overall environmental impact.
  • Variable Renewable Energy (VRE) such as wind and solar generation has a poor track record in achieving deep carbon emissions reductions.
  • VRE fails to provide low cost energy on a system wide basis.
  • VRE drives up the costs of the most expensive part of energy delivery – namely transmission and distribution. This together with system services and storage significantly exceeds the low generating costs of wind and solar.
  • A system where nuclear energy provides the dominant source of generation is the least cost option providing energy at lower cost than a 100% renewable system.
  • Nuclear power plants suited to the NEM exist now and can be deployed without further delay.


In person Newcastle:

  • 5.30 pm AEST: Networking and refreshments
  • 6.00 pm AEST: Presentation commences
  • 7.00 pm AEST: Presentation concludes


  • 6.00 pm AEST: Presentation commences
  • 7.00 pm AEST: Presentation concludes
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