Bigger, better and more powerful: large wafers and HJT combine

Join pv magazine Australia and Risen Energy Australia along with their partner, One Stop Warehouse, to examine the PV module technology landscape


There is a wide array of new PV modules on the market in 2020, but how many of them represent true innovation? And which solar module technologies can deliver in terms of both power output, cost and long-run performance? Module maker and project developer Risen Energy believes that a large wafer format coupled with the next-generation of heterojunction technology can deliver on all fronts – equipping the solar industry for its next stage of development.

Chief Scientist at module maker and project developer, Risen Energy, Yimao Wan will set out the current PV module technology landscape and make the case for the company's decision to go big and pursue HJT. He will also explain how Risen's HJT modules, the Sieger series, are cost competitive given the company's approach and the adoption of the technology in gigawatt-scale production.

HJT has well-established benefits on a performance basis. The enhanced bifacial performance and superior temperature coefficient delivers increased power output. Both of these characteristics are an ideal fit for the Australian PV market - with high temperatures being a feature on both the roof and in ground-mounted applications, and bifacial technology surging into a dominate position at utility scale.

The PV module technology landscape has an unavoidable feature in 2020: bigger modules with higher power output. Join pv magazine Australia and Risen Energy Australia along with their partner, One Stop Warehouse, to examine:

- Do bigger modules based on standard cell technologies really deliver?

- What does innovation look like from the wafer?

- Why can 210mm wafers and the next-generation of heterojunction cut through on cost and performance?

Questions can be submitted beforehand or during the Webinar through a chat window. Jonathan Gifford, Editor in Chief at pv magazine, will be the moderator. We look forward to your participation!

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