BRC-A Buying Power Webinar | LGC Price Trends & Future of the RET

What do experts say about recent LGC price increases and what can be expected in the near and longer term to 2030?

Aug LGC price

What will happen post 2030 when the RET scheme ends, and what should you be doing now to protect your company?

Given the current market, should corporates retire LGCs? Or keep investing in new renewables and storage?

Please join BRC-A for this upcoming lunchtime webinar to hear from a cross-section of energy industry experts on this topic.

The panel of experts:
➖ Abhi Nithyanand, Head of Advisory - Sustainability & Energy, Renewable Energy Hub
➖ Josh Sucharov, Asset Management - Infrastructure, IFM Investors
➖ Aylin Cunsolo, Partner - Energy & Projects, Baker McKenzie
➖ Tristan Edis, Director - Analysis & Advisory, Green Energy Markets
➖ Jackie McKeon, Program Director, BRC-A (Moderator)

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