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Business Hunter Infrastructure featuring Alan Yu, CEO and Executive Director of LAVO.

Feb Business hunter LAVO

The first Business Hunter Infrastructure luncheon of 2023 will feature a keynote presentation from the CEO and Executive Director of LAVO, Alan Yu. Alan has over 15 years of experience in corporate finance, banking, and investment management and is a serial entrepreneur. Currently, Alan is the Chief Executive Officer of LAVO, a technology company working to support the green energy transition with unique solutions which unlock the potential of renewable energy.

LAVO is developing long duration energy storage solutions in the form of hybrid lithium-ion and hydrogen technology batteries. Working with Hunter based suppliers including Ampcontrol and The Varley Group, LAVO batteries allow energy to be stored over time and dispatched for use when it is needed, hence ‘smoothing’ renewable energy, making wind and solar power available across days, weeks and months.

Join us to learn about this cutting edge technology and how it can not only accelerate the transition to a net zero economy, but also create opportunities for business in the Hunter region.

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