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Join Business Hunter to hear from the Senior Director, Business Development & Stakeholder Relations for Equinor, Benjamin White.

Oct bizhunt wind

Australian communities, including the Hunter, are in an energy transition which includes the introduction of a new industry in offshore wind.

The Hunter Offshore Wind Zone has the potential to roughly replace the generation capacity of Eraring and Vales Point, a compelling prospect for our region.

With a new industry comes both challenges and opportunities.

Other communities worldwide have lessons we can certainly benefit from. Hywind Scotland, the world’s first floating offshore wind farm, was built in 2017 by Equinor, one of the world’s largest offshore wind developers. Since then, Equinor have developed operations in the UK, USA, Norway and Europe, and are currently delivering the world’s biggest offshore wind farm Dogger Bank in the UK.

What have other projects encountered in their years of operation of similar assets? How can these lessons translate to the Hunter for the benefit of our region?

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