Business Hunter Summit 2023

AI - friend or foe?

June business hunter summit

Automation, robotics, smart systems, and AI are at the core of a dynamic new field of digitisation which has rapidly evolved from a futuristic promise to a legitimate priority.

Platforms like GPT are bringing AI into the mainstream, and across all industries, organisations are continuing to identify new case uses to embed AI technologies and tools. Healthcare, customer service and experience, banking and financial services, logistics, retail, cybersecurity, transport, marketing, and defence are experiencing high disruption.

So how is digitisation manifesting? Who are the early adopters and what can we learn from their experience? How do we develop and deploy this technology responsibly? How do we ready ourselves for this wave of technological change and ensure we aren’t left behind?

As the rate of AI adoption continues to grow, so do the opportunities, and the challenges. The Business Hunter Summit 2023 is aimed at helping workers, business leaders and policy makers identify and unlock opportunities stemming from AI and prepare for what lies ahead.

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