Business Practice Forum: Systemisation - when does it stop?

Systemisation – when does it stop? Hear from some with authority on such matters.

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As businesses and organisations mature, processes become an essential element to operational success and establishing and maintaining trust from customers and users. But what processes are essential compared to what processes are nice to have? Is there a difference? Do you need to certify your operation to any particular standard? Why might 3rd party certification be a pre-qualifier to participation in certain industry sectors, or specific projects or customers? Is it just box ticking, or is there really something in it? Does it create value for the business, and if so, how do you convince your people to embrace it?

Come and hear from some with authority on such matters – those that have or continue to provide certification on systems, and those that have elevated their businesses to a level that command global attention and deliver global competitiveness.


Adam McDean - Founder and Chairman of BusinessBasics Australia and The Australian Auditing Company (AuditCo)

Adam is the founder and Chairman of BusinessBasics Australia and The Australian Auditing Company (AuditCo), was until recently the CEO and Managing Director of QMS Certification Services, and Chair of the industry peak body - Association of Accredited Certification Bodies (AACB). Adam's career has been built on experience in Third Party Certification, development of Compliance Management Systems and auditing across Quality, Safety, Environmental and Information Security Management Systems.

By providing insights from the certification and compliance industry, Adam will discuss how your quality and management systems should add value to your organisation. Systemisation should build continual improvement into the heart of the organisation, and provide positive outcomes for all stakeholders - especially owners AND workers.

Kamran Syed – Director Northern Instrument & Calibration Services (NIS)

Kamran holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from N.E.D University of Engineering & Technology Pakistan and has been the director of NIS since 2016. He has significant experience in manufacturing, Testing and Calibration of Industrial equipment and process improvement.

As an integral part of quality management system Calibration of equipment plays an important role in product /service compliance, safety of personnel, Design improvements, Cost reductions, preventative actions. In this presentation Kamran will be looking at the Quality Compliance and Certification Standards in the Calibration Industry, the cost impact of non-compliance of the Calibration process on industrial processes and how the process of Calibration can help in the Engineering & Design Process to improve.

Murray Clair - Director Nupress

Murray is the Chief Technical Officer & Director at Nupress. He is a passionate business leader with over 30 years manufacturing experience based in the Hunter. Murray’s current focus is on providing the internal product realisation and cyber systems that satisfy Defence, Aerospace and Space customer requirements and de-risk the global supply chain across the platforms Nupress supplies.

Established in 1971, Nupress’ vision statement is to provide engineered components and products to a global customer base, enabling their visions to become reality. This is done through a focus on continuous improvement and a ‘First Class’ approach to the 4 pillars that underpin its foundation ‘Our People’, ‘Our Manufacturing Technologies’, ‘Our Customer Service’ and ‘Our Quality’.

Since commencing the journey to AS9100 Nupress has been committed to not allowing the Quality Management System (QMS) to be a handbrake but an accelerator of manufacturing excellence. Through continued iterations of the QMS, Nupress has created strong controls as well as improving employee useability to create a stronger manufacturing operation. Key concepts of presentation will be – remaining customer focused, improvement mindset and user-based approach.

Who should attend:

Business Owners Strategy managers

General Managers/Managing Directors

Business Improvement

Quality Managers

McDonald Jones Stadium - Waratah Room

Please arrive at 7.45am for 8am start

Morning tea provided.

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