Buying Power Webinar | Corporate PPA Best Practice Guide Launch

What is best practice in renewable energy contracting? Which types of procurement have the most impact?


Business Renewables Centre Australia (BRC-A) will launch a new Best Practice Guide for Corporate PPAs, developed together with industry, to help you and your organisation to know what to aim for when buying renewables.

Corporate renewable Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) have become an important part of Australia’s clean energy transition. But the nexus between energy buyer size, and corporate goals and objectives means that different contracts deliver varying degrees of impact.

This roundtable will present the key principles to consider when aiming for the most impactful Corporate PPA. We will describe how these principles can be applied in a self-scoring system for use by buyers and sellers to assess best practice to achieve corporate sustainability objectives. Come along to this lunchtime webinar to hear from industry experts who have contracted PPAs on how to discern the various shades of green when procuring renewable energy.

- Anita Stadler, Head of Renewable Energy Investments, Energetics
- Ben Maddox, Principal Sustainability Officer, Maitland City Council
- Andrew Wilson, Director - Energy and Renewables, KPMG
- Jonathan Prendergast, Technical Director, BRC-A

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