Circular Economy Fundamentals

The ACE Hub is delighted to announce a monthly educational initiative aimed at introducing you to the circular economy.

Circular economy fundamentals

Take a moment to ask yourself: Could I explain to a colleague what the “circular economy” is? Do I understand how it could shape a more sustainable future for my organisation? If your answer is no on either count, we’ve got you covered!

This innovative approach is redefining our relationship with resources, creating opportunities and shaping a more sustainable future.

Our ‘Circular Economy Fundamentals’ webinars take you on a whistle stop tour to explain what the circular economy is, why it is needed and how it can benefit your organisation.

Whether you're new to the concept of a circular economy or simply eager to improve your knowledge, this webinar offers an accessible entry point for you and your organisation into the world of circularity. Join us to find out more!

Register on a date suitable to you to start your circular journey today!

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