Circular Economy Think Tank Event

NOTE: This is an invite only event – For invitation enquiries contact

CE thinktank

As part of the Hunter Innovation Festival on the 10th May, team Coreo is facilitating a Think Tank with pioneering local businesses, bold community leaders and proactive members of local government and state government. No one has all the answers, but in reality, what we're hoping for is all the questions – questions to move this conversation from data to doing, from theory to practice, and from curiosity to collaboration.

The objectives of the event are to:

Learn -about the material flows in the region and the benefits that a true Circular Economy can bring over the next 5-25 years

Identify opportunities - from the HCC MFA and the new ‘Circle City Scan’ projects to identify resourcing saving and untapped market development value in the region.

Build relationships - together with businesses, industry, research and government to share information and identify catalytic projects with the aim to drive innovative initiatives to build the circular economy

Identify gaps -in knowledge and resourcing that can feedback to CE community and inform future projects; and,

Plan - a process for turning outputs into action – how are we going to go forward in our respective sectors and organisations?

Register to be a part of the new economy, one that serves the people of the Hunter rather than demanding their service.

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