CO2 Emissions & the Coal Industry

Live Online Training: An in-depth examination of CO2 emissions within the coal industry, factors affecting emissions accounting and mitigation strategies to reduce carbon emissions.

The coal industry remains an integral part of the international energy mix and is vital to the developing economies of SE Asia. It is likely to remain so for the foreseeable future;
however, the business is rapidly changing to meet the respective challenges of domestic and international demand for affordable energy and a less carbon-intensive future.

Characterising emissions from coal mining is now an integral part of current mining projects and a major source of environmental contention in proposed new operations. This course provides insight into the factors that affect emissions accounting and how best to approach the issue. The course also assists with the identification of business opportunities likely to develop in this brave new world of responsible carbon management.

Who Will Benefit

The course is generally applicable to anyone who would like to understand more about coal and its relationship with CO2 emissions, including contract managers, mining engineers, geologists, administrators, executives, potential investors in coal projects, environmentalists and financial analysts. The course is designed to be particularly accessible to young professionals,
and those who may already have a different background and wish to understand the implications of this rapidly evolving aspect of the core business of providing energy to the world.

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