CONSORT Bruny Island Battery Trial: Knowledge Sharing Symposium

Key findings on the project, with perspectives on the future of distributed energy resources (DER) and the interactive grid

The Bruny Island Battery Trial demonstrated how batteries can be used by householders to manage their energy while simultaneously helping manage the electricity network. The Bruny Island Battery Trial was part of the CONSORT project, an ARENA funded research project. The CONSORT project team considered all major aspects of battery orchestration methods, from the network-aware coordination algorithms that underpin the network support supplied by household battery systems, to the pricing of network support and householder responses to the new technology.

Project website:

This knowledge sharing symposium will cover the key findings on the project, and perspectives on the future of distributed energy resources (DER) and the interactive grid. It will give industry members, government and researchers the opportunity to interact with lead researchers and industry participants involved on the project, through panel sessions and informal discussions over lunch.

During the symposium, you will hear about: the genesis of project; the battery install process and network benefit; the network aware coordination algorithm (NAC) that manages the network and customer batteries; value-reflective reward structures, and customer payments and benefits; social science findings on customer acceptance and understanding; the future for CONSORT technology from a network perspective; and the future of the NAC as a commercial product.

Speakers include:

Sylvie Thiebaux (Prof at ANU)

Laura Jones (Senior Network Innovation Engineer at TasNetworks)

Paul Scott (Research Fellow at ANU)

Archie Chapman (Research Fellow at USyd)

Evan Franklin (Assoc Prof at UTas)

Phillipa Watson (Research Fellow at UTas)

Andrew Fraser (Network Innovation Team Leader at TasNetworks)


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