crcCARE workshop: Sequence Stratigraphy for Remediation

This Two- day workshop will focus on Sequence Stratigraphic Concepts and their Application to Conceptual Site Models and Remedial Strategies

Crc CARE event

Sequence Stratigraphic Concepts and their Application to Conceptual Site Models and Remedial Strategies: A Hands-On Training

Highly heterogeneous and complex geologic settings present significant technical challenges in remediating contamination and achieving clean-up goals within reasonable timeframes, particularly for PFAS and other emerging contaminants. This two-day workshop has been developed to provide hands-on training on how sequence stratigraphy can be used to enhance the Conceptual Site Model (CSM) and develop optimized remedial strategies at complex geologic sites.

This course can be used towards continuing professional development (CPD) points*

Purpose of the workshop

Sequence stratigraphy is a powerful predictive tool for determining heterogeneity of sediments, and connectivity of contamination flowpaths in the subsurface. As a result, this technology has arguably revolutionized stratigraphic analyses in the petroleum sector since the 1970s. But despite a similar need to predict aquifer heterogeneity, the environmental world is yet to embrace sequence stratigraphy as a mainstream approach of geological investigations. The purpose of this workshop is to reduce that gap by teaching the application of sequence stratigraphy specific to developing predictive Conceptual Site Models. This workshop draws together cutting-edge knowledge with practical experience to provide participants with enhanced skills and knowledge to manage even the most challenging sites, regardless of their current level of experience.

Why attend?

While primarily geology-focused, this course is designed to walk you through the fundamental principles and gradually lead to more advanced concepts in a way that 'non-stratigraphers' can also follow.

Besides lectures on the fundamental concepts, you will receive ample opportunity to review actual case studies and try out the techniques of sequence stratigraphy using real data from the environmental industry in an interactive, workshop environment. An added attraction of the course is a special lecture on how PFAS investigation and remediation can be enhanced with the application of sequence stratigraphy. At the end of the day, you will go home with a deeper appreciation of how sequence stratigraphy can be properly implemented into investigation and remediation projects. Thus, this workshop will put your organisation at the forefront of the best techniques to resolve subsurface heterogeneity and develop more accurate and predictive CSMs.

Lastly, this workshop brings you an invaluable networking opportunity to build connections with our world class subject matter experts on the topic, as well as with your fellow delegates.

Workshop attendees will also receive:

  • An information pack containing: course notes, handouts, group activities and PowerPoint slides on a USB drive
  • A certificate of completion.

Workshop Participants are required to bring their laptops for reading the notes. Handouts and colour pencils will be provided for the exercise sessions.

Who should attend?

Remediation practitioners, geologists, researchers, academics, contamination consultants and regulators. This course is suitable for both experienced and new professionals in the environmental industry.

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