crcCARE Workshop: Vapour Intrusion and Hazardous Ground Gases

This full-day workshop will focus on Vapour Intrusion (VI) and Hazardous Ground Gase (GG) Assessment and Management in Australia

Crc CARE event

This one-day workshop has been developed in response to the critical need for regulators and practitioners to share experiences with a view to creating standard practices, and addressing knowledge gaps, in Vapour Intrusion and Ground Gase's assessment, management and risk mitigation in Australia.

This workshop offers contaminated land practitioners, regulators and researchers insights into the predictability of Vapour Intrusion. Soil vapour sampling methods, New technologies, International guidelines, Indoor Air real- time monitoring and laboratory methods. Landfill gas (LFG) installation and location sampling, risk assessment. It will include panel discussions and case studies covering technology from other industries e.g. mining, CSG & UCG etc. Presenters will also explore successful case studies that overcame technology and guideline barriers with a unique appreciation for the underpinning of science and technology.

This workshop draws together new knowledge with practical experience to provide participants with enhanced skills and knowledge to manage even the most challenging sites, regardless of their current level of experience. Attendees will learn best practices in the regulation, investigation, and risk assessment of complex VI and GG scenarios.

For policy- and law-makers, regulators, landowners, contamination consultants, remediation practitioners, geologists, researchers, and academics.

The workshop presenters are renowned in the industry and have hands-on field experience in vapour intrusion and ground gases site investigation and health risk assessment.

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