Cybersecurity Series: The core four cybersecurity issues

Don't miss the second webinar in the Cybersecurity Series providing you with tools and confidence to be cyber ready.

Austmine Nobackground

Cyber threats can be broken down into four main categories. This webinar will explain each and walk participants through creating an easily implementable cyber ready policy for each weak point within the organisation. Issues will be highlighted with case studies specific to the METS sector.

The Four Core topics:

  • Passwords
  • Software updates
  • Phishing
  • USBs & removable media

Cybersecurity Readiness Series

Organisations of all sizes are facing unprecedented cybersecurity threats, with an astounding 300,000 (Web Arx Security) pieces of new malware created every day. The approximately 64% of companies that experienced a cyber attack in 2021 alone, suffered compromised data, loss of income, business disruption and reputational damage.

For SMEs in the METS sector the threat is particularly marked since it fundamentally affects the way in which they can enter and remain a trusted part of global supply and value chains.
The threat can, however, be met head on with the right knowledge, preparation, and culture of awareness.

To give METS companies the tools and confidence to be cyber ready, we have designed a Cyber Readiness Series that is practical, relevant and immediately implementable.

These webinars are designed to be clear and accessible to all METS businesses, regardless of size, and technical ICT expertise. They’re focussed on creating an awareness of key cybersecurity issues and fostering a culture of cyber readiness within each participating organisation, all while assisting participants with formulating practical policies and incident response plans.

The program will be presented by Australia’s first Cyber Readiness Institute certified Cyber Readiness Coach.

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