Decarbonisation of Maritime

AIE Newcastle presents a Seminar on maritime decarbonisation looking at macro trends in global & local maritime by DNV & Port of Newcastle.


International shipping is a key sector of the economy, as much as 90% of worldwide trade is transacted via ocean going vessels. If the international shipping sector were a country, it would be the sixth or seventh-largest CO2 emitter.

The sector is also one of the most challenging to decarbonise. The fuel mix for international shipping comprised 79% heavy fuel oil (HFO), 16% marine diesel oil (MDO), 4% liquefied natural gas (LNG) and less than 0.1% methanol and this will need to transition to green fuels including renewable hydrogen-based fuel such as renewable Ammonia and renewable Methanol.

This Seminar will look at some of macro trends in global maritime presented by DNV and some of local plans presented by the Port of Newcastle.

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