DER Revolution Panel Discussion

Distributed energy resources (DERs) are estimated to be in the top three areas of new generation investment, according to a recent survey by Smart Energy Council.

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When asked which elements of DER are most challenging, two-thirds of respondents cited the ability to forecast, monitor and manage utility-owned and third-party DER. This webinar will focus on the growing importance, critical issues, and development of DERs in the Australian energy space.

Recent Clean Energy Council data also underscores the growing importance of DERs with significant insights into the technology requirements for successful implementation as well as a focus on how the technology is critical for reliability as well as for meeting consumer demands.

Our panel of industry leaders includes:
Sarah McNamara, Chief Executive, Australian Energy Council
Bradley Williams, VP Industry Strategy & Innovation Engineering, Oracle Utilities
Jai Thomas, Program Director Energy Transformation, Energy Policy WA
Jamal Cheema, Executive General Manager, intelliHUB

The panel of industry leaders will discuss:

  • The impact and accelerated role of DERs in new generation investment activity  
  • Challenges in monitoring utility-owned and third-party DER
  • Assessing regulated rates and pricing structures to accommodate increased penetration of DERs
  • Enabling the creation of broader retail product offerings and ranges for more dynamic consumer profiling
  • The development of multi-sided trading platforms as a means of enhancing system optimisation and customer benefits of DER uptake
  • How connection agreements should allow for the dynamic engagement of DER in the power system, and the right of energy customers to initiate a review of their connection agreement and the opportunity to receive a better deal   
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