Digital Basics For your Small Business

Is your website and social media presence aligned with your brand and is it converting your stalkers into customers?

Digital HUB

Digital basic is a workshop for businesses who are at the beginning of their journey into the DIGITAL Marketing Landscape.

In this workshop you will learn…

  • What is digital?
  • What are digital tools and how they benefit your business?
  • How to align digital needs with your business goals?
  • Types of digital tools and benefits to your business
  • Vendor selection guide
  • How to form your customer avatar (no digital marketing should even be considered without knowing who you are targeting).
  • The basic principles of a successful website
  • Social Media- which platform do you choose?
  • An understanding of Google and how it works
  • The online customer Journey
  • How to measure your digital marketing efforts

Presented by

Troy White - Digital Business Advisor with the Hunter Region Business Hub.

Geek speak free workshop

Everything will be explained in plain English to help you grow your business.

Who Should attend?

Are you a Sole Trader or small business owner who is keen to get your website and digital footprint working for you? Do you have a current ABN and less than 20 employees? Then come along.

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