Doing Business at Warp Speed

How the NBN and Digital Technologies can transform your business


You are invited to attend 3 (free) interactive online workshops designed to provide businesses with the information and services they need to confidently take on the new wave of digital technologies that are transforming how business is being done in 2021.

The workshops will be conducted live online over 3 consecutive Thursdays.

Workshop 1 – Take your business to the cloud

22 July 10am – 12pm

High speed internet is here. Moving your business to the cloud can dramatically reduce costs, improve efficiency and security.

This workshop will focus on:

  • A plain English explanation of cloud computing, the benefits it delivers and how your business can make the move.
  • Information from your local NBN Business Lead for Wide Bay/Central on what the new services will deliver and NBN’s business offerings.
  • The benefits of integrated communications where voice and video are all online.
  • The ability to work remotely and operate a ‘virtual business’ where your business follows you.
  • Cybersecurity and how to protect your data and IP.
  • How to maximise Office 365 in your workplace.

The workshop will be hosted by Steve Dawson from ONGC Systems and will include case studies and 30 minutes of interactive Q&A.

Workshop 2 – Introducing the digital business

29 July 10am – 12pm

Apps and software are transforming how businesses market, sell, service and operate in an online world. But how do you know what’s right for your business and where and how do you start?

This workshop is split into two sessions.

1. Back of House Operations - which will focus on:

  • How to use digital tools to streamline your systems and business processes to reduce costs and drive growth.
  • What are the proven apps and technologies available (like Xero) and how would they fit together in your business.
  • The ‘unseen’ value of data and how it makes you make better decisions.
  • Creating an achievable roadmap to a digital business one small step at a time.

Which will be hosted by Rob King from Integration Kings and will include case studies and 30 mins of interactive Q&A.

2. Front of House Operations – which will focus on:

  • How to use digital marketing channels to attract new customers and deliver a better customer experience.
  • The next generation of websites and e-commerce solutions. How to create your own marketing ecosystem.
  • Creative marketing ideas to drive consumers to your brand.
  • Using data to create your business’s ‘sales formula’ to better understand what is working and what is not.

This session will be hosted by Mark Jones from Your Digital Solutions and will include case studies and 30 minutes of interactive Q&A.

Workshop 3 – Transforming your business model with digital innovation

6 August 10am – 12pm

Presented by Rowan Lamont (Business Models Inc)

For the past 20 years a global tribe of start-ups have radically disrupted industries and created a new generation high growth companies. What can we learn from these companies? How can your business innovate and create new products, services, and business models using technologies.

This workshop will focus on:

  • Case studies from grass root SMB’s that have made (or are undertaking) the transformation journey.
  • What it takes to move online. And, to from B2B (Business to Business) to B2C (Business to Consumer).
  • How and where to find ideas for new products or services.
  • Using the start-up framework to create a roadmap for taking an idea from concept to commercial success.

This session will be hosted by Rob Olver from the Entrepreneurs Programme – Business Model Transformation Team and will include case studies and 30 minutes of interactive Q&A.


For more information about these sessions, please refer to the flyer or contact contact Rod Murray on 0448 148411

Please note, this is a free Interactive Online Format series hosted by the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources Entrepreneurs' Programme, Deloitte, Your Digital Solutions, Integration Kings and ONGC Systems.

The Entrepreneurs’ Programme provides quality advice and support to assist businesses to innovate and grow. For further information on what services may be available to you, visit:

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