Integrating DER into the Grid

The Energy Efficiency Expo 2020 Virtual Conference is free-to-attend in partnership with the Energy Efficiency Council

Eec integrating

Enabling active DER into the network to drive solar penetration and drive customer outcomes.

Chair: Annie Ngo, Senior Consultant, ITP Renewables


Integration of active DER into the network

Andrew McConnell, Senior Engineer - Distributed Energy, AusNet Services

Assessing and improving DER hosting capacity of distribution networks

Oliver Lacroix, CEO, ENEA Consulting and Chris Williams, Data Scientist, ENEA Consulting

Why managed solar PV export control is good for energy prosumers

Dr Andrew Mears, CEO, SwitchDin

Evolution of smart DER grid integration from VPPs to individual Solar PV systems in South Australia

Alex Ward, Future Networks Program Manager, SA Power Networks

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