Electric Vehicles: Projections, Speculations and Potential Impacts

Join Chief Economist at CSIRO's Energy business unit Paul Graham



Paul Graham provides projections for electric vehicle adoption and charging behaviours for various electricity market actors. While electric vehicles continue to be small in number relative to the road fleet, their potential future impact is too large to be ignored. Paul will describe the wide variety of factors that go into a projection, the range of potential outcomes and what current results are saying about their impact on the grid. He will also describe some of the more speculative aspects of future business models for electric vehicles and what problems remain to be solved.


Paul Graham is Chief Economist at CSIRO's Energy business unit. In this role he is responsible for advice on the global and national economic context relevant for the energy sector, setting the strategic direction for economic research and leading major projects with external partners. Mr Graham has been with CSIRO for 19 years and prior to that was a senior research officer at the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics. He has worked with a huge range of Australia’s leading energy, resource and transport companies, major NGOs and key federal and state government departments.

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