Electrifying existing buildings masterclass

In this masterclass, you’ll hear from speakers who are leading the industry’s shift to electricity.

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The electrification of Australia’s built environment is an imperative step on the path to decarbonisation. But as we move away from fossil fuels, finding new, innovative, affordable and reliable ways to power the construction and running of buildings presents challenges for all stakeholders in the supply chain. These challenges are exacerbated in the existing building stock, where issues relating to cost, space, volume management and embodied carbon add additional layers of complexity.

In this masterclass, you’ll hear from speakers who are leading the industry’s shift to electricity. Their presentations and contributions will help you navigate the challenges of electrification and uncover the key lessons and hurdles they’ve encountered and overcome on their journeys. Hear how you can start on a pathway to electrifying existing buildings and how this can play out across different typologies within the built environment.

This is your opportunity to understand the finer details of electrification as it applies to existing buildings. Get your questions answered and share thoughts and insights with your peers in this interactive masterclass.

  • Understand the importance of electrifying existing assets
  • Discover key alternatives to fossil fuels and what to look out for
  • Learn how to assess different approaches electrifying existing buildings to uncover the best option for your projects
  • Examine specific design considerations for achieving an electrified asset
  • Hear examples of how electrification has been achieved in different project types and at scale
  • Explore different avenues for funding the electrification of existing buildings


  • David Clark, Director, Positive Zero
  • Robyn Hyslop, Sustainability Director, Colliers
  • David Mahoney, Head of Better Buildings, HIP V. HYPE
  • Oliver Grimaldi, Associate, Cundall
  • David Palin, National Director ESG, MIRVAC
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