Development of a Business Case for Government Infrastructure Funding Webinar

This webinar will be essential for waste, resource recovery, energy production and manufacturing businesses seeking to bring forward new infrastructure with the assistance of government funding.

H2 Aus Web Business Case

The States and the Commonwealth Government are currently investing record levels of funding to assist industry bring forward important waste sorting, processing, value-added manufacturing and energy recovery projects. In no time in Australia’s history has there been this level of funding to build the recycling infrastructure Australia needs now and into the future.

To help reach the 80% national recycling target by 2030 and drive progress towards a Circular Economy, all levels of government are dependent on efficient and effective infrastructure investments, largely led by the private sector and local government.

However, funding is limited, competitive and is dependent on applicants preparing a compelling business case that demonstrates a sound understanding of feedstock supply and end markets, waste supply and off-taker agreements, mature technology, a detailed understand of the project’s capital and operating funding requirements, planning and regulatory approvals and appropriate management of risk.

In this webinar, AEIN have invited speakers from the Victorian, New South Wales, Queensland and the Commonwealth Government to discuss current and future infrastructure programs, and what is needed to make a compelling business case that will help secure funding.

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