EnergyLab Scaleup Showcase

Join EnergyLab online on Wednesday, 20th September, as they showcase EnergyLab's 2023 Energy Scaleup cohort

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Some more about EnergyLab’s 2023 Scaleup Program cohort:

Accurassi - Accurassi is the leading acquisition toolset for the new net-zero energy market.

GridWrap - Empowering Grid through Advanced Composite Material and Solutions.

Alternative Energy Innovations - Providing intelligent behind the meter solutions for that automate, optimise, and integrate process operations with energy cost dynamics.

Energy Synapse - Energy Synapse provide a SaaS platform that makes it easy for project developers and investors to understand wholesale electricity markets and to find the best spots in the grid for utility-scale renewables and storage.

Enerza - Enerza is the first in the world to provide a conditional risk assessment tool to electrical utility providers through autonomous on-wire robotic monitoring.

IND Technology - IND Technology revolutionises power transmission and distribution network maintenance with cutting-edge proven predictive systems.

My Solar Manager - AI and IoT powered Management System for Solar PV Projects, Battery Systems, VPP and Microgrids

Oaktree Power - A leading climate tech startup headquartered in London, OakTree Power partners with global grid operators to enable the ongoing transition towards the fully sustainable electricity system of the future. Our mission leads us to collaboratively empower our clients to reduce their CO2 emissions while earning significant annual recurring revenues and benefitting from a wide array of net-zero opportunities.

Plexigrid - Plexigrid provide game changing software solutions that enable operators of electricity distribution grids to run their grid more efficiently, solve capacity bottlenecks, integrate more renewables and reduce grid costs for consumers.

PowerPlay - Delivering the benefits of the cheap renewable energy in the grid each day to homes that cannot install solar panels.

About the Scaleup Program

Originally launched in 2020, EnergyLab's Energy Scaleup Program offers startups an opportunity to collaborate with energy companies, investors, industry leaders, other founders, and mentors from the EnergyLab network to help unlock their next wave of growth.

The 2022 Energy Scaleup Program is being delivered with the support of the following industry partners: Endeavour Energy & Amber.

Energy Industry Partners


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