EnMS Advisor Training

Presented in partnership with the NSW Government and the Energy Efficiency Council, this three-day online training program encompasses both the technical and ‘soft skills’ necessary to support businesses through an effective EnMS process, and has a strong focus on developing the participant’s skills as a trusted advisor.

EEC training


  • Become familiar with, and be able to, present the case for energy – and energy management – as a business issue, expressed in a way that is likely to resonate with energy management ’laggards’, with a particular emphasis at the executive and director level of a business;
  • Understand what makes up the core elements of an EnMS, and know how to guide an organisation to develop its own EnMS; and
  • Understand the art and science of engaging and influencing and being able to put this into verbal and written practice when supporting an organisation with implementing an EnMS.

Click here for a full course outline.

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