ESG & Sustainability 101: 3 Essential Steps to Authentic Impact

Now, more than ever, businesses are facing pressure to act more ethically and responsibly.

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From bushfires, floods, pandemics to social injustices like modern slavery, businesses are not only affected by these situations, they are also expected to respond appropriately to an ever-widening range of issues.

As expectations rise around ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) and Sustainability performance, rampant greenwashing and false claims have also risen. False claims are getting easier to spot and now starting to be regulated - therefore doing much more harm than good to reputation.

It is no wonder that some businesses feel like a rabbit in headlights. Most businesses want to respond to growing customer, investor and employee pressure, however aren’t entirely sure where to start and are simply scared of getting it wrong. Often times all this does is lead to more inaction. Yet no business can afford to remain inactive in this space any longer.

This session breaks down the three essential steps your business should be taking today in your ESG and / or Sustainability journey. Regardless of whether you are just thinking about starting, or you are already well on the way, these steps are essential to creating genuine, meaningful and authentic impact. We break down the 'how' and 'why' so that you can move beyond marketing ‘spin’ to making a real difference.

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Victoria Edghill (Founder & CEO of Relievables) - Relievables is a social enterprise that accelerates an organisations' ESG performance, seamlessly managing certifications, actions, metrics and reporting via their ESG Performance Platform.

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