Exploring the Options for Clean Energy Transport

Australian Institute of Energy Sydney Afternoon Forum


Transport is the largest user of energy in Australia at about 28% of total consumption. Transport is also one of the few sectors to show energy consumption growth. Around the world, electric vehicles are seeing tremendous growth in sales, alongside strong interest in hydrogen for fuelling heavy transport. Globally the growth of clean energy transport is driven by a range of policy measures, not just in Europe but also in China and by large States in the USA. Clean transport can reduce oil dependence, making Australia more self-sufficient and leading to electricity consumption growth to mention just a few benefits.

The AIE is proud to present a range of leading analysts, policy makers and entrepreneurs to talk about how Australian institutions and businesses are taking advantage of the opportunities and are dealing with the challenges that these global winds of change are bringing. It’s an excellent opportunity for AIE members and non members to be at the forefront of what will undoubtedly be an important area of energy transition in Australia over the next few years

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