Export Masterclass for Global Business Growth - Module 2 - Webinar

Learn, develop, and grow your skills in key areas of international trade to advance your export business growth and long-term sustainability

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Ai Group Export Masterclass - Module 2 - Online

This is a FREE online event for Australian businesses. Registration is required to secure your seat.

Advance your business to the next level with a masterclass in international export trade.

Ai Group is delighted to be providing a series of Masterclasses covering various topics within International Trade over the coming months. This mix of in-person and online courses will build on your existing knowledge, giving you the know-how, tools, resources, and processes to further your skill set when doing business in a global marketplace.

Growing your business in the global market is a complex process. It requires substantial resources, the right knowledge and skill, and networks to succeed. As international trading conditions shift dramatically in recent times, the challenges and risks businesses face have changed and escalated. The Ai Group Export Masterclass will enhance your essential knowledge and preliminary connections to help achieve these.

How you will learn

This course will be held over two workshops and will include a mix of interactive discussions and provided learning materials. As an interactive training course, these workshops will not be recorded and you will have to commit to attend to learn. After the completion of the training course, you can choose to engage the services of Ai Group's Business Specialists to help progress your export strategy or discuss the next steps through one-on-one coaching/mentoring on a commercial basis.

Module 1 will be held in-person at your local Ai Group Office or online for 3.5 hours and Module 2 will be held online for 2.5 hours.

What you will learn

The Masterclass is rich in content and case studies to help new and experienced exporters succeed. In Module 2 of the workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Understand Your Incoterms
  • Develop export pricing
  • Identify and qualify potential partners/distributors
  • Tailor your sales pitch
  • Activate sales
  • Access support available

Each workshop provides you with the opportunity to interact and network with other exporters, share experiences, and discuss ways to overcome challenges you may be experiencing.

Who Should Attend:

These comprehensive export workshops are recommended for new and established exporters, product producers or manufacturers, and other small businesses looking to take the next step in their international trade ventures.

For more information, email: big@aigroup.com.au

Find out more about Module 1 :

In Module 1 of the workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Set your export goals and objectives
  • Understand and develop your Unique Selling/Value Proposition
  • Research market opportunities
  • Leverage Australia’s Free Trade Agreements to improve your competitiveness
  • Select the right markets
  • Review market entry strategies

About Our Facilitator:

Shirley Ng - The Australian Industry Group National Manager, International Competitiveness

Shirley has extensive experience in helping Australian businesses expand into international markets. Working in a diverse range of business types and industries at both strategic and operational levels, Shirley has developed, managed, and administered a range of strategic export marketing programs aimed at assisting businesses to achieve growth and export sustainability including cross-border initiatives such as eCommerce, online platforms and marketplaces.

Throughout her career, Shirley has worked with many Australian businesses to develop and implement a range of export marketing & sales strategies designed to achieve global growth including how to use and leverage Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) to grow business and achieve exports sustainability. Key market experience in North & South East Asia, USA, UK, and Europe.

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