Extraction of vanadium from titano-magetite concentrates

Join the Metallurgical Society for their webinar: Extraction of vanadium from titano-magetite concentrates.

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The commercialisation of vanadium redox flow batteries, for large scale energy storage, and an increase in the demand for high strength steel alloys is expected to result in a significant increase in the global demand for vanadium.

The majority of the vanadium is extracted from complex titanomagnetites. These magnetites are commonly processed using a steelmaking flowsheet or a sodium roasting flowsheet. Due to the complexities associated with processing these concentrates in a steelmaking flowsheet, the majority of future projects are expected to use the sodium roasting flowsheet. There are a number of these deposits in Western Australia, and several are at various stages of development.

This webinar will review the vanadium extraction flowsheet, with a particular focus on the roasting and leaching portion of the flowsheet.

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