First Nations Clean Energy Strategy Roundtable

This is an opportunity to review laws, regulation and policy, to lift barriers and implement regulatory reform, and to stoke government investment in innovation, technology and infrastructure, so that First Nations people can share in and benefit from the benefits of the renewable energy revolution

Sept FN Energy roundtable EDIT

September 27

9:00AM - 4:30PM
This day is open to representatives from the First Nations community, Traditional Owners, PBC's, Land Councils and Community Organisations only.

September 28

9:00AM - 4:30PM
Open to representatives from Community, Traditional Owners, PBC's, Land Councils, as well as industry, key government departments, lawyers and policy experts.

The Federal Government and all state and territory Energy Ministers have agreed to the co-design of a First Nations Clean Energy Strategy to ensure that First Nations people help drive the energy transformation.

The strategy will be developed over 12- 18 months of work and will involve roundtables and consultations in collaboration with partners including the First Nations Clean Energy Network.

Through these roundtables we will bring together representatives from the First Nations community, the Network, industry, key government departments and Federal, State and Territory representatives, lawyers and policy experts. These roundtables will be an opportunity to come up with recommendations for actions, policies and programs that the Federal Government should implement as part of the strategy.

Why Attend?

  • The shift to renewable energy will occur very rapidly and will also create huge changes in Australia's economy. Land will be needed for renewable energy projects and tens of thousands of kilometres of new transmission lines will be built, creating new job and business opportunities for First Nations People.
  • Participating in these discussions and feeding into the co-design of the First Nations Clean Energy Strategy will provide you with the ability to ensure Australia’s energy transformation occurs with a strong First Nations voice about the priorities and issues that are important to First Nations.
  • Enabling and empowering First Nations to play a key and central role in Australia’s renewable energy transition goes beyond just social licence issues – it presents a unique opportunity for Australia to design a system that is fair and just and can provide other social and economic benefits for First Nations.
  • Input from regional voices will ensure that the strategy achieves energy security for our communities.
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