Foresighting Forum 2020

The theme of this year's Forum is Take charge – a consumer vision for future energy services.


The discussion will be informed by major new consumer research that asks households and small businesses across Australia about the future: about their preferences, expectations and values in relation to affordability, equity, technology, control and managing the transition.

At Foresighting Forum 2020, consumer and energy market leaders will convene to talk about why we need to think about the long-term and how we can get there.

The Program

Day 1 will dig into the ‘why’.

Why a long-term vision for energy services is needed. Participants will explore the consumer values, preferences and priorities that can frame the future and hear from experts about international efforts to update the energy compact. How consumer visions for energy align with broader economic, business and societal trends will also be debated by a panel of business leaders, policy makers and regulators.

Day 2 will be about the ‘how’.

Firstly, how do we build a long-term view of energy services and what are the key elements? What are the long-term objectives that can give consumers and the sector the clarity they need but are robust to the inevitable twists and turns of an uncertain future?

And secondly, how do we manage change to ensure consumers get the affordable and individualised services they need from an optimised system at every point in their journey, in their homes and in their small businesses? What is our framework for managing transition? What is the new energy compact that can inform work to update the energy system now and over the next 20 years?

Energy Industry Partners


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