Founder Resilience and Creating Healthy Culture from Day 1

Join founder and startup coach James Crowther as he provides tools to help entrepreneurs at any stage identify and avoid common mental health concerns for founders.

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As people trying to build a business and make positive change in the world, it's important to create and maintain healthy psychological distance between the founder's personal and professional lives. Investing in your business also means investing in your own wellbeing, giving your company a better chance of succeeding as you create balance and avoid burnout. As a company grows and more staff come onboard, these founders will have already created a healthier work environment, starting with employee one: themselves.

About Boomerang Labs

Boomerang Labs is Australia's first Circular Economy Accelerator. In addition to our hands-on programs for circular startups, Boomerang Labs is an Innovation Exchange; a hub connecting companies, government bodies and other organisations with founders and innovators to tackle challenges of design, resource use and resource recovery in their organisations and supply chains.

We’re excited to bring back our webinar series for 2024, where we’ll unpack the most pressing topics in the world of circular economy startups and innovation. Each webinar will feature circular economy and business experts that we love working with through our Mentors Network, as well as additional subject matter expert guest speakers.

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