Free Energy Management Advice in Western Sydney

Get free one-on-one advice at your business premises, or via phone or video chat, from an energy coach.


The NSW government is funding energy coaches to give your business a one-on-one check-up.

Energy experts will be in Western Sydney visiting businesses in person and online until June 30 2020.

Get two hours of free one-on-one advice on how to save energy. Your energy coach will scope out possible energy saving projects and may be able to help get you government funding to complete them.

Registration available for any size or type of business. You just need to have a business site in NSW and an ABN.

Once you register, you will be contacted to arrange a suitable time.

  • a free two hour, one-on-one session with an independent energy expert at your business
  • a walk-through of your premises to identify key energy-related equipment
  • an assessment of your energy bill
  • a report summarising your current energy use and opportunities for cutting energy use and costs, including NSW government training courses and financial incentives
  • an action plan with suggested priorities.
  • Free two hour site visit from an energy expert to review your business's energy use and more.

Free virtual energy management coaching session

Not able to meet an energy expert in person? Get the same information via a virtual coaching session. An expert will connect with you via video chat to assess your business and provide results.

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