Future Facing: How will the material and energy landscape be reshaped by the circular economy?

What is the Australian material and energy landscape going to look like in 5-10 years? Join Bioenergy Australia to explore the opportunities and challenges of the future as Australia transitions to a circular economy.

Bioenergy future facing

Transitions Everywhere: Energy, the Circular Economy, and the Role of Bioenergy

In Prof. Scott Valentine`s most recent book “Empowering the Great Energy Transition”, he and co-authors Marilyn Brown and Benjamin Sovacool argue that an energy transition is inevitable; the central question now is, “Can we enact a transition before the perils of climate change detrimentally alter the ecological and economic world as we know it?”. Recently, Scott has engaged with local government authorities and businesses throughout Australia on the development of a circular economy (CE) strategy. There is a parallel to his energy work in the CE because there is a transition afoot in resource management. Increasingly businesses and companies are realising that better resource productivity means more profitable businesses operating at a lower resource footprint.

In this webinar, Scott will review the energy landscape and introduce developments in the circular economy before delving into a discussion on what this means for firms in the biofuel space and the supply chains that support this industry sector.

Future vision for Australian manufacturing and biomass resources

Helen is currently engaged by the Federal government to recommend major policy, regulatory and financial shifts to encourage eco-designed product to enable greater circularity and improved performance across all sectors. The analysis contains a series of recommendations for government, industry, education and business to support the transformation in supply chains and sectors for Australia, so we improve our competitive position, jobs, substantially reduce waste and greenhouse gasses emissions. Helen will present some of the key findings in this project due out in coming months.

In this webinar, Helen will address:

  • How will the principles of circularity and sustainability drive decisions for improved manufacturing and production in Australia?
  • How must suppliers respond to the demands for a low emissions and more circular economy exacted by customers and governments.
  • In what way can Australia lead the world in rethinking design, manufacturing and supply chains for the 21st century.


Dianne Glenn, Principal Corelli Consulting and Chair of the Circular Economy Network (CEN)
Nigel Murphy, Chair Victorian CleanTech Cluster (VCC)

Transitions Everywhere: Energy, the Circular Economy, and the Role of Bioenergy
Scott Valentine, Senior Circular Economy Advisor at KPMG, Australia and Professor of Regenerative Planning and Circular Economy at Kyushu University

Future vision for Australian manufacturing and biomass resources
Helen Millicer, Director, One Planet Consulting, Co-Founder Australian Associations Climate and Emissions Program, Board Advisor Replas, Chair Churchill Trust Panel (Ag, Commerce and Logistics)

Panel session moderated by Dianne Glenn

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