Getting the Export Documentation Right - Export Documentation & Procedures Plus Costing for Export

Hear from an established exporter about how they manage the document process

Export Council Australia

The Export Council of Australia (ECA) has developed a series of workshops for companies wanting to understand export documentation requirements and/or gain assistance in training their team in processing documentation correctly and efficiently. Please note there are three workshops available covering different topics - learners can attend one or all three! A single workshop is $275 incl GST per workshop (2.5 hour duration each) or Register via this link for all three workshops and save $150!

This workshop will cover the following documents:

  • Documents required by Australian Authorities
  • Transport Documents
  • Specialist Documents
  • Commercial Documents
  • Documents required by Importing Countries

This component of the course is intensive, so provides plenty of examples and recommendations on what is required.

Just as important is costing for export, so we will break this down to cover the many costs incurred, best practice to ensure correct quotation moving forward plus definitions, costs associated and things to consider – this workshop also provides a practical exercise to encourage knowledge retention.

And finally, we have invited an experience exporter to join us and discuss what advice they can provide when it comes to managing the document process and mistakes to look out for in your business. There will be plenty of time for questions and don’t forget to bring along any documents that are relevant to your business!

Workshop presenter: About Nick Alford

Nick is the Principal of Labyrinth Maven – “Defining, Designing, Connecting & Delivering the future for organisations” - with over 30 years’ experience in mergers and acquisitions; strategic planning and execution; logistics; mentoring, coaching, facilitation; curricula development; international business assistance; systems development; and training and assessment.

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