Global Trade and Investment Megatrends: The New Normal

How can we accelerate new trade and investment to secure Australia’s economic future?

Trade and investment strategies that respond to the new global landscape can boost jobs and growth, and speed up Australia’s economic recovery.

CSIRO and Austrade have collaborated to investigate and identify global trade and investment megatrends emerging in the mid and post-COVID world.

Join a panel of industry experts to discuss this strategic foresight study and the changes to global trade and investment likely to occur over the coming months and years that will impact the Australian economy.

The Global Trade and Investment Megatrends Report presents a set of strategic actions for Australian governments and industries to capitalise on.

Find out more about what your business needs to know to help thrive in the ‘new normal’.

Who should attend:

Australian businesses, exporters, investors, start-ups eco-system, universities, industry associations

Speakers:More details coming soon
Resources Industry Partners


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