GMG Virtual Forum: Sustainability

With increased global demand for sustainability, industry collaboration is essential for addressing the reduction of green-house gas emissions, improving circularity, implementing green technologies, managing tailings and other waste, and achieving carbon neutrality.

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Strong sustainability practices have the potential to reduce long-term costs and help to build a positive image for the mining industry. This is especially important for mining due to the cyclical nature of the industry, high equipment costs, lack of case studies, and perceptions of risk.

Fostering education, developing positive case studies, defining best practices, and emphasizing corporate responsibility are all essential for moving forward with sustainable practices. During this virtual forum, the mining industry will come together to collaborate on creating a sustainable future for the industry.


  • Energy Trends Impacting Business

Ron Miller, Director of Energy, Newmont

  • An introduction and Overview of TSM

Ben Chalmers, Senior Vice President, Mining Association of Canada

  • Facing the Challenge Together – The evolving role of corporates in driving climate change solution

John Hoekstra, Vice President of Sustainability Services, Schneider Electric ESS

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