What is the future of BioPlastics in Australia?

The AIEN is pleased to host the ‘What is the future of BioPlastics in Australia?’ event in Sydney on 2nd June 2022.


Following on from the highly successful webinar entitled ‘BioPlastics – Separating Fact from Fiction’ held on 23rd September 2021, this face-to-face workshop event will seek to define best practice for the various applications for BioPlastics within the context of an active Australian circular economy. These ‘definitions’ will be considered collegiately and holistically among all the relevant stakeholder groups.

The workshop will include presentations and insights from leaders in BioPlastics technologies, applications and post-consumption/utilisation strategies including:

  • The Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation
  • BioPlastic product suppliers
  • The Australian BioPlastics Association
  • Overseas subject experts and more

AIEN invite representatives from the following stakeholder groups to discuss the opportunities and challenges across various supply chains:

  • Resin or BioPlastics product suppliers
  • Potential BioPlastic products user groups
  • Resource collection and segregation specialists
  • Resource management processing facilities and systems, composters and dry AD practitioners
  • Government and regulatory oversight
  • Consulting

Following the presentations, a half day will be devoted to broad stakeholder consideration of the infrastructure, training and systems necessary for the successful utilisation of BioPlastics in various potential fields of application.

The afternoon working group sessions will provide a vast opportunity for BioPlastic stakeholder representatives to formulate an Australian best practice model for the utilisation of BioPlastics within the emerging circular economy.

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